How Lil Uzi Vert made money with Tik Tok… You can do this too!


You have a melody in the back of your head, something different that you haven’t heard before. You can’t explain it, it sounds smooth, compelling, alive. Little tunes pop up in your mind all the time, but this one just feels different. You want to follow it, and see where it goes.

So you explore it further. Softly, you hum to yourself. Your head gently rocks to a rhythm slowly forming in your mind. Your finger taps, and soon enough your whole body starts moving and flowing on its own. Words start to form, rolling off the edge of your tongue. 

And before you know it, you have a song. It’s a good one too. 

You write it down on paper and do everything you have to to make it come to life. Your friends and family vibe to it. You know you have to put this out there…but how? 

You’ve never done this before. You may not have a contract with a music label and you may not have a lot of cash. But this is a banger! You know if others heard it they would love it too. 

How do you get your song out there? And how can you earn back the money you’ve invested in it and more?! 

How can you start generating income and building a music career?

The biggest stars may have the backing of the label; they may have cash, resources, followers, and connections. Nevertheless, they all depend on one thing to really get their music out there: social media. 

A resource you have access to for free right now! You just need to know how to make it work for you.

“Just Wanna Rock” Hit the Top 10 List… Maybe you can too!

Take Uzi for example. Even with their status & resources, they still struggle to get their music trending from time to time. Since dropping their Eternal Atake album in 2020, Uzi hasn’t really been poppin’ in the same way. Their single and EP releases over the last three years haven’t been able to inspire the same energy. That is until they released “Just Wanna Rock” in late 2022. 

But even still…the song definitely didn’t catch on right away. 

We’ve got a few speculations as to why…

“Uzi dropped this in October and the video came a month later, then the holidays hit which slowed things down. Now it’s a new year, people’s energy is different and the countdown to spring and summer has started.”

It could also be that the song is a “ proudly strange single that rejects normal song structure, swerves away from Lil Uzi Vert’s established sound and deploys hooks that take time to worm their way into your heart; [...] “Just Wanna Rock” is not a one-listen type of smash, so it makes sense that it needed a few months [...] to surge into the top 10.”

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Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that despite the delay, things started turning around. According to Luminate, the song started trending, earning more than 18 million on-demand streams a week (including UGC) since back in November, and surpassing 1 million sales!

How Did Uzi get the song trending & make money?!

Tik Tok… no joke, no cap. 

It’s Tik Tok, that app that you can download for free on your phone right now. 

The app everyone’s talking about; the app that many make fun of and even complain about. 

Tik Tok is a complex and unique space, a cyber jungle known for its ability to produce humor creativity, and rawness. It’s also known for the occasional scandals and shenanigans. 

But no one can deny the opportunity to do well and make money through marketing on the app. This is especially true for musicians. 

After Uzi released their song “it became a hit on TikTok, garnering over 500 million views and inspiring a new dance craze,”

Why you should use Tik Tok to promote your music?

Yeah, Uzi is a celebrity. They may have a bigger following and more resources. But it is still a good idea to use Tik Tok to generate momentum with your music career and start making money. 

Music and sounds are key components in Tik Tok’s algorithm, which has allowed a lot of independent artists to grow an active & engaged audience very quickly. And we have a few tips to help you do just that.

4 Tips to get your music popping on Tik Tok!

Tip #1 Create a dance challenge (Just like Lil Uzi Vert)

Create some choreography for a fun dance challenge or contest to go along with your music. Dance challenges trend fast, and while Hip Hop does really well on the platform, songs from other genres catch on as well. 

If you’re not big on dancing or creating your own dance moves, I recommend following STEEZY studio for great tutorials and insights from choreographers. Their Youtube channel has a ton of free tutorials and their free app has lots of great dance classes and education to help you get creative with dance and your music.

Tip #2 Post videos related to your music

Of course, you will need to post videos featuring your music, but you should also consider posting videos with trending viral sounds. Viral sounds are a huge fundamental component to growing on Tik Tok. 

While you have to opt for the viral sound in your videos instead of your own occasionally, you can still use these videos to promote yourself as an artist. Use them to showcase some Behind-the-scenes content. 

And every now and then get a little vulnerable with your audience. Tell them the meaning behind your songs and show them your creative process. Don’t be afraid to show your passion and emotion. This method will help people find you and connect with you as an artist.

It’s recommended to post on the platform 1-2 times a day. 1 daily video could feature your music, focusing just on getting the song out there. These could be videos of you performing the song or promoting the dance challenge.

The other daily video, in which you will use the viral sound, could be featuring you as an artist and as a person. Focus on using these videos to connect with your audience and show them who you are. Think about ways that you can brand yourself and set yourself apart as an artist & creative. 

Remember, when you use the viral sound, turn it down low and make sure your original audio is turned up high. Click here to learn how to use viral sounds in your Tik Tok videos.

Tip #3 Take Advantage of Tik Tok Spotlight

TikTok is launching a new Spotlight program to help new and independent musicians go mainstream! Through Spotlight, you’ll be able to upload your music on a specialized music channel for availability to all TikTok users to use in their videos. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to grow your community even more through the platform. Be on the lookout and keep up to date with updates regarding Tik Tok Spotlight. Click here for more info.

Tip #4 Network & Collaborate

Follow and connect with other artists that you find on Tik Tok. If you feel like your music vibes well with theirs, connect with them. Leave very thoughtful and engaging comments under their videos so that they will notice you and follow back. 

Keep nurturing those relationships. Over time, you’ll build a great network of artists and creatives that you can collaborate with. Through your collaboration, you can introduce each other to your respective followers and fan bases, increasing your reach even more.



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You don’t need to have 1 million dollars or 1 million followers to have your song reach people. You are creative & talented. All you need to do is use that creativity you were born with to reach people. Learn how to thrive on social media and you’ll be able to expand your reach, and make money doing what you love!