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January 02 2023 - 10 minutes Read

What is FinTech? A Beginner’s Guide

FinTech is a buzz word we hear all of the time but what is it really? FinTech stands for “Financial Technologies”. You can think of Financial Technologies as all of the software, mobile apps, and other technologies created to streamline and improve everyday transactions for businesses and consumers
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June 23 2023 - 10 minutes Read

Taxes for Beginners

Everyone is aware that at some point in time, they will need to file their taxes. But this is not an easy process; especially for first-time filers. It could be very difficult to figure out how to do this correctly. 
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August 08 2023 - 10 minutes Read

Basics of Venture Capital

In today's business landscape, entrepreneurs need more support than ever! One of the biggest challenges facing start-ups today is financing their business. Most business owners of color boot-strap, but there are resources out there for us! One of those resources is venture capital.
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June 11 2023 - 10 minutes Read

Credit Cards 101

Most people have made a least a few mistakes with their credit cards. This is especially so with the Pandemic. According to statistics, the national average card debt among cardholders with unpaid balances in December 2022 was $7,279.
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July 17 2023 - 10 minutes Read

How to Budget Like a Boss!

If you struggle with budgeting this is the place for you! Managing your money is hard when you don’t have an organized system. Spending hours pouring through bills, receipts, and numbers is exhausting and frustrating. But there is a way for you to create a solid money management system, and to make that system run nearly all by itself. 
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